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Join the Core Support Circle  

 Let's make magic all year round 

Monthly donations provide vital funds that will support the Power of Hope to continue life changing youth programming throughout the year. 

Sarah Downey

Dear Community,

Power of Hope needs your support. 

We are rolling out a brand new monthly donor engagement program. Our goal is to raise $5000/month to enable us to cover our core operational costs while also building our scholarship fund. Whether you can contribute $10, $50, $100/month or more, every donation helps us build sustainability and broaden our reach. 

I believe that together we can create this needed stability within our loving network. Then, when we do win grants or have major fundraisers, 100% of the funds can go directly to running camps and serving the youth that will benefit most. Win win! I invite you to join me in the Core Support Circle and deepen your connection to this powerful work.  

 – Sarah Downey, Executive Director

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The Work

In our increasingly fractured society, we’re amplifying the Power of Hope's mandate of Learning from Difference. It’s a simple formula: cultivate empathy and deep listening across cultural and socioeconomic divides in an atmosphere of imagination, learning, and fun. Our Creative Facilitation model excels at building bridges of trust, understanding, and love.  

This is crucial work. Disconnection is at the core of the big issues that plague youth today: suicide, anxiety, addictions, and self-harm. Power of Hope empowers youth by unleashing creativity, boosting self-image, reconnecting with nature, and sparking community leadership. 

Does our work align with your values? 

We’d LOVE to have you join the Core Support Circle. There is power in connecting our values to where we put our money. We want to build a team of supporters whose hearts are connected to this work.

Where does the money go?

Being a 'Core Supporter' means supporting core operations

Core operations are all of the costs that allow us to do our work - that are not direct program expenses. An example of a direct progam expense would be camp food or art supplies. Operations is everything else. It's the people power to start planning a year ahead of time to make it all happen. It's the office to work out of, the accounting and charitable adminstration work, the fundraising, grant writing, and communications. Core operations directly enable programming to happen. Without it we would cease to exist.  

In Canada about 80% of available grant money must be used for direct program expenses, not operations. Compounding the problem, many people who make personal charitable donations want to know their money goes directly to sending a youth to camp. 

To continue our work as a registered charity we need operational support.  

We are reaching out to you for this support - as folks that already understand and value the change we make in the world. Perhaps you've been on the ground at camp as a volunteer, sent your child to camp, or maybe you've attended as a youth yourself. Or maybe you have directly seen the incredible ripple effect of this positive work in your community. If you've wondered how to give back or support us, becoming a monthly donor is the best way!

The good news is that we are able to do a lot with a little. With careful planning we have streamlined our operational dollars, cutting out any unnecessary expenses and ensuring money spent is in direct alignment with our purpose. We're a 'small beans' operation that creates immense impact! 

  Words from participants of 2017 Camps

Rubie Leyla photo

"Power of Hope has been an amazing, important part of my life for the past six years. Without the support that I have received here, I'm not sure I would even be the person I am today. Through PoH I have made lifelong connections and met people who have changed my life and saved my life. My teenage years were difficult and Power of Hope was an amazing outlet that I wouldn't find anywhere else in my life." 

Rubie Leyla - Youth Participant

"Like no other camp, Power of Hope encourages creativity, individuality, diversity and connection. This camp has been a guide to loving and accepting myself and others. I've grown and learned from the beautiful people in the community. We work together to create a supportive and open environment, we learn to respect and embrace difference. Power of Hope has changed my life forever in the most positive way and I am so grateful."  

Sammy - Youth Participant

"I could be myself here"

Buffalo - Youth Participant

"I Immediately felt accepted by everyone" 

Ellazora - Youth Participant

"This program helped save my life, and the lives of some of my friends. It is the greatest, most unique and life-changing experience I've ever had. It is a once-in-a-lifetime camp, and it happens every year." 

Caleb - Youth Participant

Your support changes lives!

More? Check out these video testimonials from staff and youth

Becoming a Core Supporter

Here's what's in it for you: 

  • Surprise mail art 
  • Check in calls on how we are doing.
  • Invitation to our Late Nite Art paint night event in Vancouver. An event designed to create a fun creative space for donors to get hands on and experience the magic. 
  • Opportunities to meet other supporters. Including an invitation to attend a party/training on Cortes Island in July.
  • Attend a Creative Facilitation 1 or 2 Training in Canada at a discount rate.
  • Open invitation to all board meetings.
  • Links to youth creations - music, artwork, photography and more.
  • Invitations to creative workshop webinars and events with our talented facilitators. 
  • Charitable Tax Receipts. We are a Registered Canadian Charity #855793345RR0001

We've got lots in the works for 2018 including: 

  • 4 weekend youth camps
  • Late Nite Art party in Vancouver ~ especially for core supporters
  • 2 fundraiser shows 
  • 2 full summer camps. 

Plus, connecting with all of you!

Thanks for being in our network. We love and appreciate you!