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Monthly donations provide vital funds that will support the Power of Hope to continue life changing youth programming throughout the year. 

What makes Power of Hope different?

In our increasingly fractured society, we’re amplifying our mandate of Learning from Difference. It’s a simple formula: cultivate empathy and deep listening across cultural and socioeconomic divides in an atmosphere of imagination, learning, and fun. Our Creative Facilitation model excels at building bridges of trust, understanding, and love.  

This is crucial work. Disconnection is at the core of the big issues that plague youth today: suicide, anxiety, addictions, and self-harm. Power of Hope empowers youth by unleashing creativity, boosting self-image, reconnecting with nature, and sparking community leadership. 

Does our work align with your values? 

We’d LOVE to have you join the Core Support Circle. There is power in connecting our values to where we put our money. We want to build a team of supporters whose hearts are connected to this work.

  Words from participants of 2018 Camps

“This program really helped me learn about myself, it’s a very welcoming and accepting community. I’m blessed to have gotten this opportunity.” 

Nana - Youth Participant

"Attending or supporting PoH is something that you would never regret. This community has been a space for me to connect to myself, people who hold different perspectives, explore my creative side, be vulnerable, and feel the love that comes from connections to people and the land. I love PoH with all of my heart and look forward to it every summer. It has brought so much power and light to my life and helped me find the tools to step into my power and create change in the world." 

Hannah - Facilitator

"Everyone was kind, respectful, and amazing. Everyone was so supportive. It's a space to truly express myself." 

Mary - Youth Participant

"This program saves lives and creates lifelong friendships" 

Caleb - Youth Participant

Your support changes lives!

Sarah Downey

Dear Community,

Power of Hope needs your support. 

Power of Hope has a goal to gain 15 monthly donors between November 27th and December 31st, the end of our fiscal year. 

Whether you can contribute $10, $50, $100/month or more, every donation helps us build sustainability and broaden our reach. We invite you to share our call for support with your network of friends and colleagues and deepen your connection to this powerful work.

 –Sarah Downey and The Power of Hope Team

Thanks for being in our network. We love and appreciate you!